Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break

Finally, it is Spring Break. I have been looking forward to this week since the second week of school it seems. Since it is Spring Break, that means we only have nine more weeks of school left until summer. YAY!! Although it is exciting, a lot of stress is headed my way.
In May, my students will take the MCT II. Exciting huh? No, not at all. Incase you don't know what that is- it is the Mississippi Curriculum Test. It is a test for the kids to show how much they learned in their particular grade and the teachers are held accountable for the students' scores. So, if you know any teachers, that is why they are crazy during the months of April and May.
Also, I will be wrapping up my work at GRI in May. I have decided to take a teaching position in the Vicksburg area. I am very excited about the change, but very nervous at the same time. I know that it will be a great change!